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Crimson Health in Partnership with
The Confess Project of America 

The Confess Project of America is excited to partner with Crimson Health Services.  We are eager to be a resource for Georgia and soon Nationwide.  Crimson Health Services is here to bridge the gap between you and what you and/or your family needs to live a happy, successful life! 

We provide workforce services for those with intellectual, social and physical disabilities.

Our Mental Health Counseling Services are geared toward patient navigation and care coordination services children, adults and families across Georgia and soon to be new markets in the future.

Crimson Health is a FREE service that can help to find you resources for... 

  • Mental Health 

  • Physical Health

  • Counseling and therapy needs 

  • Employment 

  • Housing 

  • Family needs 

  • & more! 

Fill out the form below & we will be in touch! 

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