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Share Hope this Holiday Season

The Confess Project of America and NAMI are partnering together to share hope! Sharing Hope: Mental Wellness in the Black/African Ancestry Communities


Stand on the Right Side of History by Sharing Hope that Heals Communities

The Confess Project of America is a Movement Solving Mental Health Disparities in Communities of Color. NAMI is here to help those of us in Black/African Ancestry communities to be open about how we’re really doing even though it can be a struggle.

#BlackMentalHealthMatters     #AfricanImmigrantStrong

You are invited to help support those with Mental Health and Substance Abuse concerns

Movement Solving Mental Health Disparities in Communities of Color

Through our 3,282 barber and beauty industry professionals trained across the country, we are reaching over 3.6 MILLION people per year.  We are currently in 54 cities and 31 states!

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America’s First Mental Health Barbershop Movement

The Confess Project has the first and largest organization committed to building a culture of mental health for young men of color, boys and their families by focusing on empowering barbers and stylist to become frontline heroes and sheroes in Communities across America.

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Barber Testimonials

Allow me to introduce J. "Divine" Alexander, he has been a licensed professional barber for 25 years as well as a shop owner for 20 years. He is a very active concern citizen of his community in Louisville, KY, where he is involved with grooming the homeless, in addition to advocating for those suffering from mental health issues.


J. "Divine" Alexander Ambassador from Louisville, KY

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Copy of Start your 30 day free trial (2)
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With 1 in 5 people in the U.S. being affected by mental illness, there has never been a more urgent need for mental health advocacy. TCP’s programs specifically focus on communities of color who have far too long borne the brunt and weight of trauma, alone. Please text the number above or click to contribute to The Confess Project.


Be A Part Of The Healing Journey Of Black Boys, Men, and Their Families Across The Country

The Confess Project of America trains Barbers to become Mental Health Advocates by providing free Mental Health Advocacy and Media Training. NAMI helps Black and Africans find better and more accessible ways to start talking about our individual and communal wellness.

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