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We are preparing to open an office in Los Angeles, California in May of 2021. A TCP Program Consultant, Community Organizer, and the Council will be working from this office space. This is a trailblazing move for our organization because it is our second office space outside of Arkansas following our Atlanta, GA launch in January of 2021. Our LA opening is the second of TCP's expansion into other states.

Ultimately, this year's goal is to reach 1 million people by training 800 new barbers to foster mental health conversations.


Mental Health Matters > TEXT "TCPGIVE" TO 44-321

Be A Part Of The Healing Journey Of Black Boys, Men, and Their Families Across The Country


We Save Lives! 243 Barbers Trained In 19 Cities

We will continue to redefine Black and Brown mental health culture!
Our team brings over 40 years collective experience in fields ranging from social work to behavioral health to therapy to develop programs for those who have the greatest stake in the issue. Hoping to reach as many advocates as possible, we see our programs as part of a wider movement to solve mental health disparities in communities of color—now, and for generations to come.

#TCPtakesLA Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

May 2021

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We are working for a higher purpose and our mission to serve Black boys and men will continue to push through obstacles and rise above all doubt. Thank you everyone for your continued efforts to foster healing for our communities. The Confess Project is going to provide Black and Brown communities in LA with much needed mental health education and resources. We are excited to partner with leaders and organizations in the LA area to serve residents to the best of our combined abilities. Together, we will continue to redefine Black and Brown mental health culture as we expand our efforts to LA!

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National Expansion Plan

Over the next four years we plan to expand to:

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With 1 in 5 people in the U.S. being affected by mental illness, there has never been a more urgent need for mental health advocacy. TCP’s programs specifically focus on communities of color who have far too long borne the brunt and weight of trauma, alone. Please text the number above or click to contribute to The Confess Project.





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