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The Confess Project of America Beauty Coalition

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Why should Women in the Beauty Industry become trained Mental Health Advocates? 

There is a huge lack of mental health resources available to the Black community, and The Confess Project of America is working to change that.  The organization trains barbers across the U.S. to be Mental Health Advocates, so they can effectively support their clients and community. 


Dating back to even before the Civil Rights Movement, Black barbershops and beauty salons have always been a safe haven for people in the Black community to come together and be themselves.  To date, The Confess Project of America has trained over 1,900 barbers across the country to be Mental Health Advocates using a therapeutic-based framework that educates barbers on 4 key points that reduce negative thoughts and stigma around discussing mental health topics.  


With the launch of the Beauty Coalition, The Confess Project of America will now be reaching even more people and can begin to impact those in beauty salons and beyond, equipping them with crucial tools for their mental health. 

What should I expect from the Beauty Coalition? 

The Confess Project of America will begin providing beauty salons with their Mental Health Advocate training specifically catered towards women in the Black community.  The training is not limited to only salons, The Confess Project of America offers their training to all kinds of technicians and women in the beauty industry.  Not only will Beauty Coalition members become trained Mental Health Advocates at no cost, they will also receive a certificate, access to our private network, media opportunities, and on-going support through monthly coalition calls!

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