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Empowering Frontline Heros

The Confess Project of America is a national organization that fosters mental health advocacy in the African American Barber and Beauty Industry. We are focused on empowering frontline workers and everyday people through our groundbreaking mental health curriculum that has been evaluated by Harvard University.

Movement Solving Mental Health Disparities in Communities of Color

Through our 4,000 barber and beauty industry professionals trained across the country, we are reaching over 4 MILLION people per year.  We are currently in 61 cities and 32 states!

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Our Impact

Our Impact

With 1 in 5 people in the U.S affected by mental illness, there’s never been a more urgent moment for mental health advocacy. TCPA’s programming specifically focuses on communities of color who have far too long borne the brunt and weight of trauma, alone. 

Our team brings over 40 years collective experience in fields ranging from social work to behavioral health to therapy to develop programs for those who have the greatest stake in the issue. Hoping to reach as many advocates as possible, we see our programs as part of a wider movement to solve mental health disparities in communities of color—now, and for generations to come.

Better quality of mental wellness

The Confess Project of America

Atlanta Coalition

The Confess Project of America

LA Coalition


This is how we do it

We are the largest organization committed to building a culture of
mental health for African American Families.

The Confess Project of America

We Save Lives

"We are a leading voice in Mental Health Advocacy for Black boys, men, and their families."

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Barber Testimonials

Allow me to introduce J. "Divine" Alexander, he has been a licensed professional barber for 25 years as well as a shop owner for 20 years. He is a very active concern citizen of his community in Louisville, KY, where he is involved with grooming the homeless, in addition to advocating for those suffering from mental health issues.


J. "Divine" Alexander Ambassador from Louisville, KY

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Standout Funders

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