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Road To A Million

The year 2020 was a challenging year for Americans, especially Black and Brown Americans, due to unequal access to health care, employment, housing, and legal protections. The Confess Project is not afraid to take bold steps to empower and support Black and Brown communities. After all, we cannot fully rely on institutions that have historically discriminated against us and restricted wellness opportunities.

Accordingly, we are launching the Road to 1 Million Barbers Campaign! We aim to train 800 new barbers by the end of 2021. Together these new barbers and our existing 200 barber advocates will reach 1,200,000 individuals across America based on current monthly metrics.

In other words, 1,200,000 Black and Brown boys, men, and their families will have the chance to be meaningfully heard and connected to mental health resources they may have otherwise not had access to. We are committed to serving our communities through innovative and unprecedented ways and are motivated now more than ever to continue to redefine Black and Brown mental health culture.

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